保険について / About insurance

対人 : 無制限
対物 : 1000万
搭乗者傷害 : 500万 (死亡または後遺障害のみ)
盗難補償 : 無し

Third party bodily injury/death per person / Unlimited.
Third party property damage per occurrence / Up to 10 million yen .
Injury of the driver and or passenger / Up to 5 million yen per person. Limited to disability or death. 
Theft insurance / None
Road service / Yes
Vehicle compensation / Yes (Disclaimer 50000yen)

重要事項 / important matter



The following must be observed when using the rental bike

・The remaining period of the fee will not be refunded in the event of early return, accident, etc.
・A deposit is required at the time of rental(10000yen).The deposit is fully refundable if there are no delays or damage to the vehicle when the vehicle is returned.
・While driving, please observe road traffic laws and drive safely. Please note that driving in wet weather can be slippery.
・If you commit a parking offence or other traffic offence while using the motorcycle, you must immediately turn yourself in to the police and pay any fines or other penalties. Please also ensure that you present the payment certificate for that fine when you return the vehicle.
・Some traffic offences may be charged at a later date. If it is found that the contractor is in the period of use, we will contact you and ask you to appear and pay the offence fee.
・In the event of an accident while driving, please follow the procedures required by law and be sure to contact the police and our shop.
・Repair costs will be borne by us in the event of a malfunction after proper use.
・But the contractor is responsible for repair and towing costs, etc., if the vehicle is deemed to have been malfunctioned or caused an accident without proper handling.
・The contractor is responsible for the cost of repairing punctures and damage to tyres and damage to the vehicle body caused by poor use.(Exemption: 5,0000 yen)
・Any damage to the vehicle during the period of use is the responsibility of the contractor.(Exemption: 5,0000 yen) Please take care when handling the product, including where it is stored and how it is parked, such as tipping over or tampering with it.
・The contractor is responsible for the vehicle during the period of use. Regardless of whether the third party is at fault or not, we shall be liable to the contractor for the actual cost of the damage.
・We have car insurance, but if your own insurance covers you, we will give priority to that. In addition, if you use a car insurance policy under our policy, you will be liable for the difference in premiums due to the change in grade.
・Do not use the vehicle for competitions such as various tests and circuits, or on roads (including garages) such as beaches, riverbeds and mountain forests.
・Always lock and store the vehicle with the handlebar lock when leaving the vehicle. In the unlikely event of a lost key, you will be liable for the costs associated with changing the lock.
・If the vehicle is stolen and not returned within 15 days, you must pay for the vehicle.
・To reduce the risk of breakdowns, daily maintenance is carried out, but due to the nature of used vehicles, age-related deterioration and unforeseen breakdowns may occur. If the rental vehicle breaks down during the rental period and cannot be driven, the contractor is not compensated for the inconvenience caused by not being able to use the vehicle, nor for any loss or damage suffered by the contractor.(Telephone, car rental, accommodation, transport, compensation for lost time, commercial losses, etc)
・22,000 as compensation for absence from work if the vehicle needs to be repaired, etc. during the rental period due to deficiencies of the contractor. (Includes cases of theft)

料金 / Rental charge

Vespa 50s (85cc) 

1 day / 8800yen (include tax)(9 a.m - 7 p.m)
After the second day / 4500yen per day(include tax)

Vespa LX125

1 day / 8800yen (include tax)(9 a.m - 7 p.m)
After the second day / 4500yen per day(include tax)

貸し出し装備(無料)/ Equipment (free)

Helmet / groves / rain coat / holder of smart phone / USB for battery charge (only for LX125)

注意事項 / Notes

Please don't park any public road! Japanese police is very strict. Whenever you park, please park in parking place!

駐車違反の処理手続きについて / About illegal parking

If you find confirmation mark about illegal parking on vespa or have traffic offence, you have to pay the penalty by yourself.
So please tell me asap by phone, if you find it.

    You have to pay the penalty at police office described on comfirmation mark.
    Please show me the documents that you got at police office when return vespa.

納付滞納した場合 / In case default

If you didn't pay penalty, police notify it soon to me. I have to charge 50000 yen per penalty.
And you can't borrow vespa never.

If you pay the penalty after return vespa, I will return 50000 yen. 

Please tell me your schedule in advance by e-mail. I can show you parking information for each your destination.

For tourist from foreign country


When you borrow vespa, please bring following things.
1. drivers license of your country
2. international drivers license (you need motorcycle license)
3. passport
4. credit card

And you have to enter the details of you on application form.
And I need the hotel information (address) you stay.

For tourist from foreign country 2

About traffic in Japan

Japanese traffic is on the left.
If your country adopt driving on the right-hand side, please be careful.

Please confirm following link about Japanese traffic sign in English.

For tourist from foreign country 3


If you have to refuel by yourself, Please refuel following gasoline for each vespa.

Vsepa 50s(85cc) / regular gasoline (red one of the image) レギュラー in Japanese.

Vespa LX125 / high octane gasoline (yellow one) ハイオク in Japanese

If you don't need refueling, please return without refueling.
I can calculate the price of gasoline from distance meter.

2 stroke oil

You have to add 2 stroke oil after refuel to following vespa.
Vespa 50s(85cc)

Please add 2% 2 stroke oil to refueling amount.
f.e. refueling 4 litter / 2 stroke oil 4000 x 0.02 = 80cc

If you forget it, engine always break! Be careful.
You have to pay money for repairing.

50sに給油の際は必ず給油後に2%の2サイクルオイルを入れてください。例)ガソリン4ℓの場合 4000x0.02=80cc


Rental vespa kyoto
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